VideoStream SDK

A powerful video streaming Objective-C framework for iOS devices with support for multiple protocols and formats (mms, http, rtsp, rtmp, mjpeg). Built with FFmpeg, OpenGL ES 2.0 and Apple's AudioUnit.

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An Objective-C Video Streaming Framework

Apple's video streaming solution is very limited - it supports only http streaming and h264 video codec, while being closed-source, rendering the task of streaming video much more difficult than it should be. This framework extends the native solution with the following:

• Supports streaming protocols not supported natively
• Supports additional codecs not covered by Apple's solution
• Can be customized, configured and fine-tuned (such as buffering duration, audio or video raw data)

More !


• Single App License: Decoder Binary + UI source code.
• All other licenses includes the full source code of the decoder.
• Detailed documentation with integration instructions.
• Demo Xcode project.
• Fully automated FFmpeg build scripts that will build universal static libraries for the armv7, armv7s and i386 architectures.
• Pre-built FFmpeg universal static libraries


iOS 7.x SDK or above is needed to compile VideoStream SDK however, if you need under 7.x, VideoStream SDK can be built with small modifications.
The VideoStream SDK requires the following Apple frameworks:
• SystemConfiguration (used in Reachability framework by Apple)
• MediaPlayer (needed by MPVolumeView)
• AudioToolbox (needed by AudioUnit)
• OpenGLES (used when rendering pictures to screen)
• QuartzCore (used to draw StreamInfo view)
• AVFoundation (needed by AVAudioSession)
And the following frameworks for connecting to stream, decoding Audio and Video packets and similar functionality:
• libz
• libiconv
• libavcodec
• libavformat
• libavutil
• libswscale
• libswresample

How to use

Using VideoStreamSDK is similar to Apple's MPMoviePlayerViewController API.

Call VSPlayerViewController with a valid URL

You're done!

Latest Update !

Version 3.1 update with new features
• Updated for iOS 9 & XCode 7
• Free version with Ad Support (banner and interstitial) added
• Bitcode enabled
• iOS VideoKit engine is used under the hood
• Deployment target is set to 7.x

Any real App in AppStore ?

One of customers are released an App using VideoStream SDK on AppStore, named "Audio Video Stream Player Free" which is built with ad supported version of SDK and has full functionality of VideoStream SDK. Belows are app's key features taken from AppStore app description page.

• Stream video from multiple protocols (http, mms, rtsp & rtmp)
• Supports all popular audio & video codecs
• Audio & video syncing
• Works with WIFI & 3G
• Shows detailed stream information (audio & video codecs, total streamed data in bytes, connection type)
• Works on all iOS devices with iOS 8 or higher
• Supports pausing stream
• Supports streaming in background

Download Now / Ad supported version

Free version with ads has same features with the original version except it displays banner and interstitial ads during playback on revenue sharing model. That means the income from advertisements is shared among client and SDK owner with 40% 60% ratio. To do this client needs to provide Google Admob ad unit id's for banner and interstitial ads.

Download the ad supported version now and start making money now!

After making money from AppStore, You can upgrade to paid version without ads

Price List

Free with Ads
  • 1 application
  • UI source code
  • Can distribute binary products only
  • Commercial use allowed with revenue sharing ad model
$ 398
  • 1 application
  • UI source code
  • Can distribute binary products only
  • Commercial use allowed
Dev License/3apps
$ 698
  • 3 application
  • UI source code
  • Decoder source code
  • Can distribute binary products only
  • Commercial use allowed
Dev License/7apps
$ 988
  • 7 application
  • UI source code
  • Decoder source code
  • Can distribute binary products only
  • Commercial use allowed
Distributor License
$ 1988
  • 50 applications
  • Can distribute code and binary products
  • Commercial use allowed


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Need more advanced player ? Try iOS VideoKit

VideoStream SDK is a very powerful SDK but do you need more advanced player kit? VideoKit is our other framework for iOS platfrom that has many new and advanced features in addition to VideoStream SDK, see VideoKit extra features

• Supports local video playing
• Showing files/streams both in fullscreen and embedded
• Supports multiple players on same view
• Player is now an NSObject instance, so can be used without UI
• Supports transition from embedded/fullscreen to fullscreen/embedded
• Supports fullscreen, embedded and non UI control modes
• Supports initial playback time for files
• Supports looping for files
• Supports adjusting volume level for each player
• Supports changing audio streams in realtime
• Supports disabling audio stream in file/stream
• Supports Airplay

iOS VideoKit DEMO